Directed Energy Weapons

Cobra at the following situation update:

has asked that the following info be shared regarding lightworkers being targeted by directed energy weapons.

With the power of my I AM presence I say NO to all such attacks.

Peace, Love, and Light to all.

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Spread The Love


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Child Slavery and the Cocoa Bean


What is Easter to you?  A remembrance or retelling of the ‘tale’ of Jesus’ death and resurrection or coloring eggs and hiding chocolate treats? For many it is all about the Easter bunny and chocolate. The very shocking and heartbreaking fact is that most of the inexpensive chocolate available today came from horrific child slavery practices in harvesting the cocoa bean. If we had real journalism in main stream media this message would be more wide spread.  Until we have governments and companies who care more about people than money and profits it is up to alternate media and bloggers to spread the information because I believe that if more people knew about this issue they would make better consumer decisions.

It has become so prevalent that no company who sources their chocolate from West Africa or in particular the Ivory Coast can say that child labor was not used. These children working on these farms live under horrific conditions so in return we can enjoy a cheap treat.

Please educate yourselves further and make the decision to only buy fair trade chocolate. The book “The Bitter Side of Sweet” by Tara Sullan is an excellent short novel that tells the tale of two such children. Sometimes well researched ‘fiction’ is an easier way to spread the message than documentaries.

Further reading can be found here:


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Peace Meditation 04-11-17

My heart aches. These last few days have been hard for me after the events in Syria. I know Assad did not attack his own people. I do not know if the pictures being shown are complete hoaxes or if those children were killed by other means. My heart aches. I now know that these feelings can and must be channeled into a peace push back so I am thrilled to share the Prepare For Change peace meditation planned for April 11. We will push back and it will be stronger than ever because of the recent events. Peace will prevail. 

You do not have to wait for the 11th, even though it will be awesome, I am envisioning the violet flame swirling around Syria throughout my day, every day. I invoke my power as I choose.


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Syria Hoax



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Geoengineering LOOK UP!

 Look up and bear witness. Look up and say NO! We have the power within us to STOP this.

The following article is reposted from:


A Climate Engineering Introduction To Media And The Uninformed


Bringing the critical issue of global climate engineering to light and to a halt is the great imperative of our time. In order to have any reasonable chance of succeeding in this all important battle, all of us are needed to join the fight. Each of us can gain ground every single day in this effort by spreading and sharing credible introductory information with individuals, organizations, and media, that would care if they only knew of the issue and had a dose of solid data to go on. The introduction article below was drafted for the use of the public relations firm which is helping us with media exposure for the Geoengineering Watch Legal Team. This letter can be used by anyone to help with the effort to start “spot fires” of awareness everywhere possible. The more such an introduction to geoengineering is forwarded groups, organizations, media, and individuals (that, again, would care if they knew of the issue), the sooner we will reach a critical mass of awareness. If we all combine our efforts in this battle, we can yet make a profound difference even at this late hour.
Dane Wigington

An Introduction To Geoengineering/Solar Radiation Management

As President Obama publicly rallies world leaders to move forward with a global response to climate change, a less discussed, but ongoing effort has long since been underway to attempt the management of solar radiation through the spraying of light scattering aerosols into the atmosphere and the direct manipulation of weather patterns — a process otherwise known as “geoengineering.”

Geoengineering is the science term applied to processes of climate intervention for the primary stated purpose of temporarily slowing a runaway greenhouse scenario on Planet Earth. Though the official narrative regarding programs of “solar radiation management” is that they are just “proposals”, all available evidence overwhelmingly confirms SRM programs have been fully deployed for nearly seven decades. These programs are further fueling a phenomenon known as “global dimming“.

Colorado Springs, CO

Solar radiation management over Colorado Springs, Colorado (1/3/16). Photo credit: Julie Helmer

Solar radiation management

From Wikipedia

Solar radiation management[1] (SRM) projects (proposed and theoretical) are a type of climate engineering which seek to reflect sunlight and thus reduce global warming.[2] Proposed examples include the creation of stratospheric sulfate aerosols. Their principal advantages as an approach to climate engineering is the speed with which they can be deployed and become fully active, their potential low financial cost, and the reversibility of their direct climatic effects. Solar radiation management projects could, for example, be used as a temporary response while levels of greenhouse gases can be brought under control by greenhouse gas remediation techniques. They would not reduce greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, and thus do not address problems such as ocean acidification caused by excess carbon dioxide (CO2). By comparison, other climate engineering techniques based on greenhouse gas remediation, such as ocean iron fertilization, need to sequester the anthropogenic carbon excess before any reversal of global warming would occur.

More background on SRM from Wikipedia

Climate engineering projects have been proposed in order to reduce global warming. The effect of rising greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere on global climate is a warming effect on the planet. By modifying the albedo of the Earth’s surface, or by preventing sunlight reaching the Earth by using a solar shade, this warming effect can be canceled out — although the cancelation is imperfect, with regional discrepancies remaining.[3]

Headlines like the one below elude to the magnitude of what is unfolding, but the reality of the ongoing climate engineering programs are still not acknowledged.

Climate Change Panel Warns Geoengineering May Be Humanities Last Hope

“Society has reached a point where the severity of the potential risks from climate change appears to outweigh the potential risks from the moral hazard of research.”

More and more science studies are recognizing SRM consequences that have in fact long since been occurring.

“The risks of experimentation on such technology could actually worsen the problem and lead to massive experimentation that may aggravate climate change even more and cause irreparable damage to the environment”.


Though there are numerous “proposed” forms of climate engineering methods, the primary method (that has long since been deployed) is “stratospheric aerosol geoengineering” . This is shown in the image above, the jet aircraft spraying reflective aerosols into the atmosphere.

All available evidence (including 750 page senate documentspresidential reports, and climate engineering patents) indicate global geoengineering/solar radiation management programs were first deployed at a significant scale in the mid 1940’s. The first focus of these programs appears to have been concentrated over the poles. The temperature graph below reflects the initial cooling effects (from the mid 1940’s to the mid 1970’s) of the atmospheric aerosol spraying. The environmental consequences of these programs and the rapid buildup of greenhouse gasses soon overwhelmed the short term cooling effect of the atmospheric aerosol spraying.


The downturn and leveling off of global temperatures from 1945 to the mid 1970s perplexed the climate science community which were unaware of the ongoing covert geoengineering.

The known consequences of the ongoing climate engineering programs is extremely long and growing rapidly. In spite of evident and verifiable decimation being inflicted on the biosphere and the web of life by climate engineering, recent publications still deny this reality. In some publications geoengineering is still referred to as the “world’s last hope“. After some 70 years of climate engineering/solar radiation management all available data makes clear that global geoengineering programs are making an already dire climate scenario far worse and contaminating the entire planet in the process. In the apparent attempt to hide this unfolding reality from the public for as long as possible, a federal “gag order” has recently been placed on all National Weather Service and NOAA employees.

What is being done to expose global climate engineering?

Over the last six months a tireless effort to organize solid legal action for the purpose of exposing and halting global geoengineering programs has progressed behind the scenes. The toxic heavy metal fallout from the ongoing aerosol operations has been confirmed with dozens of lab tests from the U. S. and other locations around the globe. Environmental protection agencies have not disclosed this verifiable contamination which has catastrophic implications for the environment and human health. A legal filing is being prepared to expose this fact and thus the secret and illegal global climate engineering programs that have been carried out for decades without public knowledge or consent. A team of 11 attorneys (8 from the US and 3 from Canada) are working together with the largest and most visited independent informational website on the subject in the world,

We have a common responsibility to investigate the issue of climate engineering and the threat it poses to the planet.

The level of deception and denial regarding the obvious and verifiable ongoing global geoengineering assault is truly beyond comprehension. If this issue continues to be ignored by the media and the masses, it will be at an unimaginable cost to the biosphere and ourselves. Of all the challenges and threats currently faced by the human race, mathematically speaking, the critical effort to fully expose and halt climate engineering/weather warfare must rationally be considered the top priority.


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Different Face, Same Agenda

Damn Canada, hoodwinked again! When are we going to take back our power and stop giving it to a government of two-faced liars or  we must hold elected officials accountable to their campaign promises. ENOUGH!

Cooperation with Russia is an integral part of achieving peace on this planet. The people are waking up and we no longer buy your lies. We can do our own research. We know the truth about Crimea, Ukraine, Syria. Step down willingly or face the consequences. Momentum is shifting.

below is reposted from:

“Is Trudeau just another fork-tongued politician?”

“People who voted Liberal in the last election thinking Trudeau fils would be like Trudeau père are now waking up to the reality that the son is nothing like the father. He is just another neoliberal pretty face, exploiting identity politics to pursue policy lines little different than those of his predecessor, the hated Stephen Harper. Trudeau’s neoliberalism is more American than Canadian. Is he part of the movement to sabotage any improvement of US-Russian relations?  If so, he’s pursuing a dangerous policy.  His external affairs minister is a fanatical Russophobe, hoist upon the petard of her words going back a long way. Is Freeland pursuing grandpa’s old dreams, collaborating with the ultra-nationalists and neo-Nazis in Kiev, all the while pretending they don’t exist?

More than 42,000 Canadian soldiers died during World War II to destroy fascism and Nazism. Is Freeland kicking sand on their graves by supporting the Kiev authorities and their celebration of Nazi collaboration? What should Canada’s surviving veterans think about the Liberal government sending Canadian advisors to train Kiev’s armed hooligans? «Against Russian aggression», Freeland would no doubt retort. But even MSM journalists in Canada, not as venal as their American counterparts, have derided such talk as «delusional». The question is will the majority of Canadians fall for Freeland’s dangerous Russophobia?”




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