Child Slavery and the Cocoa Bean


What is Easter to you?  A remembrance or retelling of the ‘tale’ of Jesus’ death and resurrection or coloring eggs and hiding chocolate treats? For many it is all about the Easter bunny and chocolate. The very shocking and heartbreaking fact is that most of the inexpensive chocolate available today came from horrific child slavery practices in harvesting the cocoa bean. If we had real journalism in main stream media this message would be more wide spread.  Until we have governments and companies who care more about people than money and profits it is up to alternate media and bloggers to spread the information because I believe that if more people knew about this issue they would make better consumer decisions.

It has become so prevalent that no company who sources their chocolate from West Africa or in particular the Ivory Coast can say that child labor was not used. These children working on these farms live under horrific conditions so in return we can enjoy a cheap treat.

Please educate yourselves further and make the decision to only buy fair trade chocolate. The book “The Bitter Side of Sweet” by Tara Sullan is an excellent short novel that tells the tale of two such children. Sometimes well researched ‘fiction’ is an easier way to spread the message than documentaries.

Further reading can be found here:


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