Freedom is Ours to Create


“We believe we are free because we don’t see restraints or chains, but don’t let reality fool you. The prison-bars are all around. Although they may be invisible to the naked eye, they are very real and extremely constraining. At the mercy of systematic laws and disempowering agendas, we behave like fearful inmates, afraid to lose what little we have, while the perpetual fear that there is not enough drives us to compete in a corrupt system where we can never win or get ahead for very long.
Global transformation will not be a singular world event or the result of a few powerful people making a difference. Global transformation will be the result of humanity’s collective healing. Despite anything else you are called to do, you and I, and millions of others are here to tip the scales in favor of peace, love, and freedom by healing the emotional wound of disempowerment. Indeed, this is done through releasing the false belief of powerlessness and taking back our power.

Since each of us contributes to the planet’s vibration, every time one of us heals personal disempowerment, we not only raise our own vibration, we contribute to raising the collective vibration, and when enough people heal themselves, we will reach a vibrational threshold where the world will inevitably transform from darkness to light.

Now, more than ever, taking your power back requires that you get in touch with inner guidance, and learn to rely on yourself for answers. We are all connected to Higher Truth, and you don’t need to rely on anyone or anything for direction.

History demonstrates that freedom is not something you are given. Freedom is something you must claim, but this time it can’t be through war or violent revolution, because in the long run, fighting only perpetuates disempowerment. If we are to reclaim freedom, it must be through Peaceful Evolution.

The good news is that we have never been closer than we are right now, but the key is in our hands. Together we can create Heaven on Earth, but the first and most important step begins with you and me.”

Global Meditation December 21


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