Debt Slavery Part One

PART ONE:cover-3d-book-8-1-trans

A Parable: (excerpt from book 8.1 of The Ringing Cedars Series The New Civilisation by Vladimir Megre, p. 69-76)


“The slaves walked slowly in single file, every one of them carrying a polished stone. Four lines of them, each line stretching a kilometre and a half long, from the stone quarries to the site where construction on the walled city had begun, under the watchful eyes of armed guards – one military guard for every ten slaves.

Off to one side, on a pinnacle of a thirteen-metre-high ‘mountain’ crafted out of polished stones, sat Cratius, one of the high priests. For the past four months he had been silently observing the construction activity… Cratius had set himself the task of restructuring the state, consolidating the power of the priests for a millennium, subjugating to them all the people of the Earth, turning all without exception (including national rulers) into slaves of the priests.

…all of a sudden , like a bolt of lightning, a programme came to his thought…I have thought up a way of turning all people living on the Earth into slaves of our pharaoh…I shall accomplish it with a few simple sentences. All I need do is utter them and just two days later you will see how the world has begun to change.

Before sunset today heralds will be sent out everywhere to proclaim the pharaoh’s decree: “With the dawn of the new day all slaves will be granted complete freedom. For each stone brought to the city, the free men will receive one coin. The coins may be exchanged for food, clothing, housing, a palace in town, or even a whole town. From here on in, you are free people.”

They were astounded. Many of them could not sleep at night, thinking about the new and happy life that lay ahead of them. The next morning the priests and the pharaoh once again climbed up to the lookout platform atop the artificial mountain. They could not believe the scene unfolding before their eyes. Thousands of former slaves chasing one after the other, hauling the same stones as before. Dripping with sweat, many of them were carrying two stones apiece. Others with only one stone in their hands were literally running, kicking up the dust as they ran. Some of the guards were also hauling stones. These people, who now considered themselves free – after all they were no longer in chains, strove to obtain as many of the sought-after coins as they could, so that they could build a happy life for themselves.”


Part Two to follow


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