Feminine Archetype

jesus-and-mary-magdalene“She was the abandoned one – exiled, denigrated, stripped of her mantle of honor and dignity by the guardians of the walls. And with her, generations of women suffered similar devaluation and disenfranchisement.”

“We pray earnestly for the kingdom to come, but we have –  for two millennia – prevented its manifestation among and within us by denying the intrinsic value and importance of fully half that kingdom – the feminine half.”

“How did we manage to lose the bride?”

These quotes are taken from the book Mary Magdalene, Bride in Exile by Margaret Starbird (2005). Mary Magdalene personifies the lost feminine.  I believe that restoring the feminine must come from within each of us. Outside sources can help open our eyes to what has been lost, but it is up to each of us what we do about it. Are you listening? Are you paying attention?

right-brain-3We are all a manifestation of both the masculine and the feminine. Our right brain/left body is our feminine side and our left brain/right body is our masculine side. Where in your body are you being called to come home? Pay attention! We were created as a symbiotic union of masculine and feminine. The imbalance we see on our planet is the reflection of our imbalance within and so whatever we feel is missing in our lives can only be found within. Now is the time to unplug from outside sources and discover the power within. Now is the time to restore the balance.

Divine Feminine and Divine MasculineIn finding and restoring ‘her’ inside of ourselves, “we bring home …: acknowledgment of our full humanity, our kinship with one another, our relationship with our living planet Earth and with our environment, our awareness of our own emotions and our own bodies – sacred earthen containers of soul and spirit.”

The time is NOW.

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