Come into my web
said the spider to the fly
a friend, arms wide open
but now I am caught
and I can’t break free
who is there
I see you, but you can’t see me
can’t see the terror in my eyes
can’t feel my shame
at getting caught
can’t see my body shrinking
as fragments of self flee
abandon ship
will I ever be whole again
will I ever feel safe

I begin to create the safe haven within
warm, calm, inviting
a web of a different nature
beckoning all of me to return
arms wide open
how do I learn to trust again
come in, come home
we only want to love you

She slowly approaches
dirty, beaten, ragged
she collapses into my arms
spirit shattered
so angry, yet so tired of fighting
I feel her pain
her sorrow
the arms feel so good this time
maybe I’ll stay

seed of life

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